Pet Sitting

Additional Information

Whether you are going away on a holiday, heading off to visit family or need to leave for an emergency, I can be there for your animals when they need it most.

From cats to horses and everything in between, there aren't many animals I haven't cared for. 

Don't bother friends or neighbors to care for your animals while you are away and impose on them, contact me and I can help.

No job is too big or too small. I have looked after dogs for breeders, right through to 60 chickens and 40 goats to one cat in a home.

When I come to visit your animals I check they are ok first and foremost. Then I have a play with the dogs or a pat with the cats. Then it's on to feed and medication time if applicable.

 After that, I clean the yard or the litter trays if needed or requested then do one last check and leave. 

While you are gone I come and give your pets the care and love they need.

There is no need to have strangers staying in your home with your pets and invading your privacy. We are totally professional, come in, do what we have to do and leave again. 

If you are uncomfortable with a stranger coming into your property or home to care for your animals, rest assured I can give you some contacts to call to put your mind ease.



Spend time/play
Yard Cleaned
Medication if needed
Dog coats off/on in the winter time



Spend time/play
litter tray cleaned
Medication if needed
Wellbeing check
Brushing if requested



Have horses and need to go away? I know how you feel! It is almost impossible to find someone to feed your horses without imposing on friends or family to stop by and feed them while they try to run their own lives.

Cleaning/Topping up water
Grooming if requested
Clean a small yard
Rugs on/off
Bandage Changes
Clean stables on request for a nominated fee

I can be there for your horse when you can't to hold him for the vet or farrier


Cat Prices (pdf)


Dog Prices (pdf)