Horse Clipping

Clipping for show or Comfort

I have clipped horses for Local, State and National level for the past eight years. I have clipped my own horses as well as friends horses. 

When getting me to clip a horse please bear the following in mind:

For me to get the best clip, the horse needs to be CLEAN and DRY. I cannot stress this enough. A dirty horse blunts blades and is hard to clip. A wet horse snags the blades and again is almost impossible to clip. I suggest bathing the day before and stabling or rugging overnight.

Whilst I am a very patient person and will generally put up with a lot from horses, I am only human and if your horse is being dangerous and I deem I cannot continue safely for myself, you or your horse, I will have to call it quits for the day.

I cannot supply or administer sedation, this is for vets only. If you need your horse sedated please contact your vet to work something out.

I use small lightweight clippers that are easy to manoeuvre and are very quiet, this is gentler on the horses that are scared or may not have been clipped before.