Horse Clipping

There are many reasons you may want to clip your horse. These reasons can be you are showing and your horse needs a sleek, short coat for presentations purposes.

Perhaps they sweat too much when you are riding and you can't bath them because their coat is too long and they will never dry in the winter months.

Or maybe your horse has Cushing's disease. Cushing is when the pituitary gland of a horse is affected and they cannot shed their own coat out naturally, instead, it keeps growing all year round and come the summer months a long coat can really impact a horses health in the heat. 

Whatever the reason, we can help! 

With over ten years of clipping experience, rest assured we are giving your horse the best possible clip.

I have clipped horses heading to local, state and national shows through to the family pony. 




Some horses I have clipped


Minus $30 off prices for trace/ blanket clips