About us

Hi! I'm Melinda and I run Pooch and Pony. 

I started the business just by chance when I had a few friends ask me if I could feed their animals while they went away. I realised there was a need for this in the area and thus started Pooch and Pony.

I own, breed and show miniature Horses at local, state and national level but my favourite side of owning them is the breeding. You never know what you are going to get so it's like Christmas has come every breeding season.

I've also trained and drive standardbred horses in races for a few years when I was younger and in my short time driving, I was lucky enough to have a winner at Bulli on a horse called Tommy Brown.

I've also worked in pre-training for the biggest racing stable in Australia as well as an Olympic showjumper and dressage riders as well as working on an Arabian stud.

I have a diploma in both animal nursing and equine nursing and my favourite subject was care for the performance horse.