Pooch and Pony

For your pet care and horse clipping needs

Pooch and Pony

For your pet care and horse clipping needs

Contact us today to discuss your needs


Contact us today to discuss your needs

About Us

Horse Clipping


I have been clipping horses for ten years for myself and one year comercially. I have clipped minis, through to arabs to heavy horses and everthing in between. Body clips to trace clips and custom clips as requested

Pet Sitting


We cater to every species of animal for pet sitting/feeding. We specialise in horses, but love all animals great and small.

What else?


We offer garden watering, mail in, garbage bins out/in, alternating blind opening/changing lights so people think someone is home. If there is anything else you require, just ask!


Pooch and Pony is your local pet sitting, feeding and clipping service.

 We have the knowledge, professionalism, and expertise to care for your pets while you are away.
At Pooch and Pony, all we do is take care of pets and clip horses; therefore we take our work very seriously. Not only do we love what we do, we know your pets will too.

If you need dog walking, pet sitting or livestock care, we can help.

We gladly provide services to pets of all breeds and sizes and can administer medications if needed at no extra charge.

Don't hire just any pet sitter to care for your animals, especially your horses. I am very knowledgeable about horses and can identify sickness and injury, something a small animal pet sitter may not know anything about.

At Pooch and Pony, we understand how consistency is critical for the well-being of your pet. Establishing a relationship with a professional and caring pet sitter that you can count on every time will give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is being well cared for. With a kennel or boarding facility, your pet may be locked in a cage or playing with unfamiliar pets. With us, your pet will get all the love and personalised attention they deserve, while being in the comfort of your home.

After our initial consultation, where we meet you and your pet, your info will remain on file so a quick phone call will reserve service with your pet sitter. So if you have an emergency or last-minute commitment, you know Pooch and Pony will have you covered. In addition, you will have one less thing to do as you won’t have to drop them off or pick them up anywhere.