When only the best for your pet will do

Pooch and Pony are your local Pet Sitting and Horse Clipping service right here in the Hawkesbury! We come to you, so you don't have the hassle of boarding your pets or tasking friends or neighbours with the care of your animals when you go away.

Imagine being able to go on a holiday, a weekend away or a family gathering knowing that back home your animals are still in the comfort of their own homes in surrounds they are used to being given the best care. It really takes a load off of your mind. 

We come to your home and meet you and your animals, go over details and requirements and you go away knowing they are in capable hands.

We cater to ALL animals and are happy to feed and care for mice right through to cattle and more. We have decades of horse experience so you can away knowing your equine friends are in perfectly capable hands.


Studies have shown that animals stress when they are left in an unusual setting with unusual people. This is why it is a great idea to create a relationship with a pet sitter if you go away often. This will ensure your pets are used to them and happy in their presence. 

Creating a good relationship with your petsitter ensures they are always happy to care for your animals when you go away or even in an emergency.

Horse clipping is also offered! With over ten years of clipping experience, rest assured your horsie friend will get the best haircut for winter! From show clips, hunter, trace, Irish or even just a comfort clip for those Cushing's horses we have you covered.

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