Dogs are mans best friend, and why wouldn’t they be? Loyal and loving all the time till the day they leave this earth. But you are always busy at work and your dog is alone and sad in his yard… I can help. Even if you aren’t going away I can come and check on your fur-baby and play with him and ensure he is happy and healthy on your long hours away from home.

One of my visits will get your dog:-
Play time
Water topped up or cleaned if needed
Picking up poo if requested So why send your dog to a kennel when you are away where he can risk picking up an illness or being harrased by other dogs, when he can stay in the comfort of their own home and will be cared for like they are my own.


An active dog is a happy dog! Why leave your doggo locked in the back yard all day while you are at work when I can come and walk them for you.

I can walk your dog, be it a regular casual or once off basis or just whilst I am sitting your pets. I am happy to walk the dog around the local area and for as long as you request (Dog walking charges apply, see the rates page.)

Pooch and Pony care for doggos

Pooch and Pony care for ponies


Have horses and need to go away? I know how you feel! It is almost impossible to find someone to feed your horses without imposing on friends or family to stop by and feed them while they try to run their own lives.

That is where I can help. I am a fellow horse owner and breed and show my own horses. I have a Diploma is Equine nursing and am confident and able to handle just about any horse. I have worked with Miniatures right through to rowdy Thoroughbred stallions full of feed in race prep.

While you are away I can come in and give your horse the care he deserves

Cleaning/Topping up water
Grooming if requested
Clean a small yard
Clean stables on request for a nominated fee

I can be there for your horse when you can't to hold him for the vet or farrier


Did you know, I also clip horses? I have been clipping horses for the past seven years for myself. Miniature Horses are shown with a freshly clipped coat and I have had plenty of pratice clipping them over the years to show.

When getting me to clip your horse please ensure he is CLEAN and DRY. I cannot clip a dirty horse as this blunts the blades and gives a terrible finish. Likewise, I cannot clip a wet horse as the blades grab the coat and don't want to cut it.


While cats may be happy to hang by themselves, they still need to be fed and have their litter tray attended to. While you are away, rest assured your cat will be happy and well fed

One of my visits will get your cat:-
Play time
Water topped up or cleaned if needed
Litter tray cleaning So why send your cat to a boarding facility when you are away where he can risk picking up an illness or being harrased by other cats, when they can stay in the comfort of their own home and will be cared for like they are my own.

Pooch and Pony care for Kitties

Pooch and Pony care forall animals

Other Animals-

I am happy to look after just about another other animal you could think of. I have looked after rabbits, sheep, a cockatoo, I used to be in the cattle club at school where we halter broke cattle and showed them. I've bred fighting fish, as well as bred and shown rats. I've owned chooks and guinea pigs and a myraid of other animals in between. Rest assured if you own it, I can look after it.

Mail Collection

I can bring in mail and newspapers.This is great security...If you leave mail hanging out of your letter box it is just a huge drawcard for thieves.

Coming and going

Having someone coming and going is a great deterent to thieves. Even having my car in your driveway for a short time is off-putting to them and makes people think someone is home.

Watering Plants

Have a special plant or garden that needs watering? I am happy to help.

Bin Duty

No one wants smelly, rotting bins hanging around while they are away. I can take them out and bring them back in for you.

Alternate lighting and curtains

I can alternate lighing and blinds. This makes it look like some is at home.

Horse Clipping

Yes, I clip horses! I am happy to do Minis through to warmbloods. Each clip includes a hot-oil afterwards.

Stable Cleaning

I am happy to clean stables on a casual or regular basis for you.

Dog walking

I am happy to walk your dog on a once-off, casual or regular basis, or just while I am caring for them

Any Length of time

I am happy to care for your pets for one day or one year! However long you need me.

I service the following areas:

Agnes Banks, Bligh Park, Bowen Mountain, Cattai, Clarendon, Colo, Cornwallis, East Kurrajong, Ebenezer, Freemans Reach, Glossodia, Grose Vale, Grose Wold, Hobartville, Kurmond, Kurrajong, Kurrajong Heights, Kurrajong Hills, Lower Portland, Maraylya, Mcgraths Hill, Mulgrave, North Richmond, Oakville, Pitt Town, Pitt Town Bottoms, Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Sackville, Scheyville, South Windsor, Tennyson, The Slopes, Vineyard, Wheeny Creek, Wilberforce, Windsor, Windsor Downs, Yarramundi


I'd love to hear from you.

Need to contact me? Use the form below, or feel free to call me.

Wilberforce, N.S.W

0435 923 687